Sheriff William P. Mullen directs all of the functions and duties of the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office through the Administration Division.

The mission of the Administration Division is to manage and facilitate the work of the employees and support the operations of the Sheriff's Office.

The division is responsible for personnel functions, fiscal operations and the purchase of goods and services for the department.

It oversees staffing and payroll procedures, timekeeping, the hiring and promotional process, evaluations, commendations and discpline. It manages worker's compensation, insurance and benefits. It administers the collective bargaining agreements for the office.

In addition, the division develops and issues policies and procedures and maintains personnel records.

Administration handles financial planning, prepares, executes and monitors the annual budget and manages grants and revenues received in special fund accounts.

Another responsibility of this division in asset control and facility maintenance.

The responsibilities of this division in regard to training include scheduling and coordinating law enforcement training and continued educational opportunities for employees.

Within the Administration Division is the information technology section that manages data and voice networks. It is responsible for the maintenance of reliable information systems in support of Sheriff's Office functions.

The Administration Division also coordinates and schedules all Sheriff's Office Community Relations programs.

The division responds to information requests from other agencies, organizations and the public.