APRIL 2019

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF CHARLES DOUGHERTY and DEPUTY SHERIFF WILLIAM KISNER as Employees of the Month for April 2019.

Since Deputies Dougherty and Kisner began working together last March, supervisors have been contacted, on numerous occasions, by judges, domestic relations officers and court management staff members, who have conveyed appreciation for the deputies and their performance securing the Penn Hills Regional Office (PHRO). These individuals, including office manager Joseph Zalar, credit Deputies Dougherty and Kisner and their abilities to effectively diffuse potentially contentious situations, a testament to their effectiveness and professionalism.

Supervisors state Deputies Dougherty and Kisner take great effort in developing a positive rapport with individuals who are routinely required to attend court proceedings at PHRO. It is the priority of Deputies Dougherty and Kisner to provide a secure environment for all court staff members while, at the same time, going the extra mile to be welcoming and relatable to the individuals visiting the site for court services.

Last week, supervisors were approached by Judge Satler, who had just completed a video conference Contempt Hearing with an individual present at PHRO. The Judge expressed her concerns regarding the individual’s demeanor, which grew increasingly hostile as the hearing continued. Judge Satler was afraid the individual was going to pose a risk to deputies upon being taken into custody, and conveyed her apprehension in having to sentence the individual to jail. Sergeant Sowder immediately contacted the PHRO and spoke with Deputy Dougherty, who stated he and Deputy Kisner were able to calm the individual and arrest him without incident, as they had developed a positive relationship with the individual through past dealings.

In recognition, Deputies Dougherty and Kisner will each be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating these Deputies for their exceptional work ensuring the safety of the PHRO, and earning the trust and confidence of court personnel assigned to the site.