Evidence FAQ


Q: How do I get my property back?
A: You must obtain a court order for any property to be returned. 


Q: Do I have to have a background check done before I get my weapons back ?
A: Yes, you must pass a PICS background check before any weapons are returned. 


Q: Can I come down now to get my weapons back?
A: No, you must schedule an appointment with Renee Wright at 412.350.4714. 


Q: My friend was arrested two weeks ago, and he had my phone. The Officers took it. How do I get it back?
A: You should first contact the Police Department involved and talk with the Officers handling the case. 


Q: What if the weapons are not in my name, but I own them, how do I get them back?
A: You must get a court order stating which weapons you can receive. (you will have to show the Court a bill of sale, receipt or any other written verification that the weapons belong to you, or how you obtained the weapons legally).


Q: How can I dispose of unused or expired medications?
A: Please contact our Evidence Custodian with Project D.U.M.P. at 412.459.5000 to schedule a pickup.


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