The Sheriff has the right to deny a license to any applicant who falls into one of the following categories, in addition to any unlawful circumstances brought to his attention:

  1. an individual whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety;
  2. an individual who has been convicted of an offense under the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act;
  3. an individual convicted of a crime of violence;
  4. an individual who, within the past ten years, has been adjudicated delinquent for a crime of violence or for an offense under the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act;
  5. an individual who is not of sound mind or who has ever been committed to a mental institution;
  6. an individual who is addicted to or is an unlawful user of marijuana or a stimulant, depressant or narcotic drug;
  7. an individual who is a habitual drunkard;
  8. an individual who is charged with or has been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
  9. a resident of another state who does not possess a current license issued by the state;
  10. an illegal alien;
  11. an individual who has been discharged from the armed forces of the United States under dishonorable conditions, and;
  12. an individual who is a fugitive from justice.

Once an application for a license to carry a firearm has been filed, the Sheriff's Office has 45 days in which to complete a background investigation and notify the applicant as to whether a license will be issued.  Once issued, the license is valid for a period of five years. 
Our next priority is to process the applications of those who wish to carry a firearm.  In addition to having the authority to issue licenses, the Sheriff also has the authority to revoke a license for good cause. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Fines (Traffic, Non-Traffic and/or Criminal)
  • Pending Hearings
  • Incompleted Probation/ARD
  • Falsifying Information
  • Repeat Offenders