The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) has been working diligently to find effective means of communicating with the public. It is an absolute necessity to promote cooperation between law enforcement and the community and to reach out to the community for information regarding our most dangerous and notorious fugitives.  Without community involvement, the task of solving crimes and catching criminals becomes a very difficult mission to accomplish.  The ACSO has been committed to alerting the public when dangerous criminals are wanted.  Due to the much needed community interaction, the Sheriff’s Office created the “10 Most Wanted List of Allegheny County.”  In the early months of 2008, the ACSO and Comcast Cable took it a step further and created a professionally narrated, “On-Demand” television episode that is updated as soon as arrests are made.  As a service to the community, Comcast Cable created the On-Demand “Fugitive Files” program which can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on Comcast Cable with no cost to taxpayers. 

A January 2009 Episode of Fugitive Files.
Watts is still at large.

The show gives viewers a list of individuals who have been selected by the ACSO as Allegheny County’s Most Wanted Criminals.  “Fugitive Files” presents the suspect’s names, photo, description, list of charges and any warning regarding the suspect.  Also, the program gives you a phone number and e-mail address for anonymous tips of the fugitives.

The service that Comcast Cable provides has proven to be a very effective means of obtaining information that leads to the apprehension of these individuals.  Some fugitives who viewed themselves on the television program were persuaded without hesitation, to turn themselves in to authorities.  Due to the substantial success that Comcast’s “Fugitive Files” has produced, Sheriff Mullen has decided to expand the “10 Most Wanted List”  up to 20 individuals at any given time.  The ACSO will continue its commitment to informing the community of dangerous fugitives for the protection of the public as it is the goal of all law enforcement to maintain a safe and peaceful society.

To access Comcast On-Demand Fugitive Files, follow these steps:

1. Click the On-Demand Button on your Comcast remote.

2. Select "Get Local"

3. Select "News & Information"

4. Select "Fugitive Files"

5. Select "Pennsylvania"

6. Select "Allegheny Sheriff"