The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division primarily concentrates on executing warrants.  Warrants generally fall into three categories:  criminal bench warrants, non-support (Family Court) warrants, and miscellaneous warrants, which include magistrates’ warrants and warrants issued in other counties or states.  Sheriff’s detectives also at times participate in law enforcement task forces, such as the Interstate Theft Task Force, the Greater Pittsburgh Fugitive Task Force, the Pittsburgh Violent Traffickers Task Force, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Western Pennsylvania Career Criminal Firearms Trafficking Task Force. 

This division is responsible for Criminal, Family, and Foreign-Warrant investigations; providing investigative aide to Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies requesting assistance in locating wanted persons on a local level; background checks; accident investigations; public complaints; firearms permit revocations; House Arrest revocations; jail escapes and releases; Alternative Housing escapes; providing investigative aide to Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies in locating lost or missing individuals upon request; conducting joint investigations with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies upon request; investigating criminal incidents in the Courthouse, Courts and Family Court building; testifying in court; act as custodians for all PFA firearm seizures in Allegheny County; departmental evidence custodians; providing dignitary, judge, or witness protection; Uniform Crime Report statistics; and assisting Federal task forces and nuisance bar task forces.

THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE WILL NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WARRANTS OVER THE PHONE. If you are seeking information about a warrant, you must come to the Sheriff's Office in the Allegheny County Courthouse, Room 111.

If you would like to provide information in regards to the whereabouts of a potential fugitive, you can do so by providing an anonymous tip below.