Employee of the Month


I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF ANDREW PEARL as Employee of the Month for August 2021.

A thirteen-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Pearl is commended for the dependable and professional way he approaches his everyday duties as a Deputy Sheriff.  He is described by his supervisors as a consistently hard-working and reliable employee, especially while assigned to the Family Court Division, and has proven himself as an adaptable worker, taking on the challenges of many different assignments.

One of these assignments, the State Grand Jury Detail, involves the supervision of prisoners, witnesses, court security and presiding Judge on high-profile cases.  Deputy Pearl handles these matters commendably, as he has been consigned to this assignment at least once a week, every month, for the past two years.  In addition to this, and being stationed at numerous Family and Juvenile posts, Deputy Pearl has been overseeing the security of the Family Court Complex’s second floor, where the County Health Department and Court Administration have resumed drug screening operations and an implemented increase to the number of daily appointments.

Deputy Pearl carries out all orders without hesitation and displays a willingness to serve in whatever capacity necessary.  Supervisors appreciate the composed and professional demeanor, as well as, the receptive attitude he carries over into communications with superiors and the public.  In addition, Deputy Pearl has taken it upon himself to attend approximately twenty online training sessions, in a variety of law enforcement topics, and was the first Deputy to receive Implicit Bias Training in Family and Juvenile Court.

Deputy Pearl has shown great initiative, commitment, and willingness to serve as a law enforcement officer.  In recognition of his many efforts, Deputy Pearl will be granted one full day off work if no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Deputy Pearl on a job well done!

Sgt Bill Lugaila


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