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I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of ACCREDITATION & GRANTS MANAGER DANYELLE DAVIN as Employee of the Month for June 2021.

In May, the Sheriff’s Office was required to undergo its third official assessment for continued certification through the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC).  These rigorous evaluations are conducted by PLEAC assessors triennially and during each review, the Sheriff’s Office is graded on its ability to meet accreditation standards for the previous three years.  Each year is weighed separately, so the Sheriff’s Office must demonstrate its compliance with 1,500 accreditation points per year, making our agency responsible for earning up to a total of 4,500 assigned points during the assessment. 

This assessment was particularly complex in nature, as 2020 was an especially tumultuous time. Very serious issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest protests, required our focus to remain with the overall health and safety of citizens and Sheriff’s Office employees.  Weekly work needed to prepare for assessment was delayed, making our catch-up period intense and fast paced.  In November of 2020, Danyelle Davin was brought onto the team as Accreditation Manager, and assigned the bulk of responsibilities required to regain pace in a backlog of duties.  Danyelle worked tirelessly, and during many weekends, to search through countless APRS reports and CAD printouts to document standard compliance.   She further interviewed numerous Deputies and supervisors, eventually working with all supervisors, to collect essential information and correct any discrepancy found in her thorough review of Sheriff’s Office procedures. 

After a two-week evaluation by PLEAC assessors, the Sheriff’s Office was designated as an accredited law enforcement agency, for the third, consecutive time.  This accomplishment speaks to the many efforts of Danyelle who, not only worked diligently and astutely to help accomplish this goal, but displayed a positive, collaboration-focused attitude, making her an invaluable member of the Sheriff’s Office team. In recognition, Danyelle will be granted one full day off work if no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Danyelle on a job well done!

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Deputies Steven Costello & Nate Reitmeyer MAY 2021
Deputy Brian Bell APRIL 2021
Deputy Kayla Hutchison MARCH 2021
Deputy Cassandra Wisniewski FEBRUARY 2021
Deputies Vonzale Boose & Mark Kowaleski JANUARY 2021
Deputy Evan Townsend DECEMBER 2020
Deputy Ryan Foster & Clerks Daniel Pelescak, Natalie Scassera, & Tylar Shoemaker NOVEMBER 2020
Deputy Jonathan Monahan OCTOBER 2020
Sergeant Francis Willison & Deputy Kelly Mulder SEPTEMBER 2020
Sergeant Gina Dascola AUGUST 2020
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